Donor: Srđan Stevanović
1985 / Užice / Požega / Law degree, coordinator YO Požega /

Donors' place of residence during the 1990s: Požega

Object title: Casettes

Place that the object relates to: Požega

Year that the object relates to: 1997

Question:What does this object represent for you?
Answer: The tape for me is everything! Life, love, memories, real idols, bunt, crying, laughing, a symbol of friendship when we exchanged the albums from favorite artists, when for cassette of Ritam nereda band I skipped breakfast for 7 days to collect enough money to buy original cassette, which was 45 dinars, and the sandwich was 7 dinars!

Question:Why did you donate the object?
Answer: To listen to some real music. Enjoyment and excitement of rewinding the tape. And when the song starts, its similar to orgasm!