Kiki sweats

Donor: Danijela Rupić
1989 / Zagreb / Mural painter /

Donors' place of residence during the 1990s: Zagreb – Beograd – Odžaci – Bački Brestovac - Užice

Object title: Kiki sweats

Place that the object relates to: Kragujevac

Question:What does this object represent for you?
Answer: When I moved to Belgrade 1991 with my mom, Kraš (a Croatian product) was no longer available Belgrade. After several days of constant crying, my dad, a military man, who was at that time at the closed Pleso airport in Zagreb, went through all the fences around the airport to buy "KIKI" and somehow sent them to Belgrade.

Question:Why did you donate the object?
Answer: Because it is the most personal and possibly my first memory about/from the '90s.