Coil for high current conductive material
Kalem za visoko provodivi strujni materijal2

Donor: Jovan Marković
1951 / Beograd /

Donors' place of residence during the 1990s: Beograd

Object title: Coil for high current conductive material

Place that the object relates to: Beograd

Year that the object relates to: 1999

Question:What does this object represent for you?
Answer: My daughter was 14 years old during the bombing. She was walking home when a bomb exploded next to her. It was a bomb that was used for short-circuiting power lines (power cut). It looked like a container and in it were these coils. On the coil was coiled some material, like a cobweb. These coils and coiled material disperse for few kilometers when bomb falls. If those fiends were actually so cruel my daughter would die, but cause this bomb was made ​​of rubber, my daughter is alive and well. Hundred of these coils fell over her. My daughter was very frightened, and totally wrapped in cobwebs, she wanted to enter the shelter. One of our neighbors did not want to let her in, saying "You can't come in, you are irradiated." The child was left crying in front of the shelter. The people who bombed us they did not want to kill us, these were made ​​of rubber so that couldn't hurt my daughter. If they wanted to kill us, we would not be sitting here today.