Packet of Plazma biscuits
Kutija plazma keksa2

Donor: Mila Marinković Broćić
1957 / Čačak /

Donors' place of residence during the 1990s: Novi Beograd

Object title: Packet of Plazma biscuits

Place that the object relates to: Novi Beograd

Year that the object relates to: 1993

Question:What does this object represent for you?
Answer: I gave birth to my first child, girl called Darija on 25.12.1993. When a packet of these biscuits cost 80 billion, these staggering 80 billion dinars, and I was hungry in hospital. This was our family food during the terrible days of NATO bombing in 1999, when my son (born in 10.10.1997.) spent his days and nights with us in various shelters and basements in Belgrade. This package I'm giving is of course re-designed, because its recently bought, and it doesn't serve as an advertisement for otherwise excellent biscuit, that all generations like and which as baby food brought up many generations of ex-Yugoslavia. This serves as an object for the Nineties Museum, as was even then produced beside shortages of flower, sugar, power cuts.
The memory of the greatest personal happiness in the nineties (marriage, birth of a child), and the most difficult period of my life filled with fears of all kinds.

Question:Why did you donate the object?
Answer: I really liked the idea of the Museum of the nineties. Time flies and all is quickly forgotten, that's why we need a reminder.