Cotton diaper
Pamucna pelena2

Donor: Mila Marinković Broćić
1957 / Čačak /

Donors' place of residence during the 1990s: Novi Beograd

Object title: Cotton diaper

Place that the object relates to: Novi Beograd

Year that the object relates to: 1993

Question:What does this object represent for you?
Answer: The greatest joy for every woman is birth of her child. Pressed by the sanctions and embargo in nineties we were traveling in the purchase of food, cosmetics, gasoline, clothing, to Bulgaria (Sofia) and Hungary (Szeged). Nappies and stroller for our baby, my husband had bought in Sofia on a big market. Reseda green stroller with little, blue bears cost then 80 DM and 20 soft cotton diapers and 20 regular cotton diapers we paid 20 DM.Later we were buying Pampers at the market in Szeged but it was not good, so we were rescued by cotton diapers. Cloth diapers were at the end of the 20th century checked old solution that our mothers and grandmothers used, and we were then applying it as well.
The memory of the greatest personal happiness in the nineties (marriage, birth of a child), and the most difficult period of my life filled with fears of all kinds.

Question:Why did you donate the object?
Answer: I really liked the idea of the Museum of the nineties. Time flies and all is quickly forgotten, that's why we need a reminder.