Do you still think about the 1990s in Serbia?
Do you associate something in particular with the 1990s?
Do you have a memory about the 1990s that you want to share with others?

We invite you to participate in creating the Museum of Objects – Remembering the 1990s through Memories of Citizens of Serbia.

The museum is being created from objects and testimonies donated by citizens of Serbia. Take a look at the online gallery.

You can donate any object that personally symbolizes the 1990s period in Serbia – an object representing your personal experiences, feelings, hopes, fears, reflections… We ask also donators to explain the personal significance of the object they donate in a short written statement.

You can donate online (by donating a photograph of the object) or at one of the regular collection/exhibition events we hold around Serbia (for news about upcoming and past events follow this link).

If you want to become a local partner and host a collection event for the Museum of Objects – Remembering the 1990s through the Memories of Citizens of Serbia, please contact us office@kioskngo.org


The Museum of Objects will visit Niš

The Museum of Objects will visit Niš on Friday the 18th October, at the Office for Youth, Obrenovićeva 38, Niš, from 16.00...opširnije

Museum of Objects in Vranje

Tuesday, 17th September from 17.00 to 20.00, at the Gallery of the National Museum of Vranje, Pioneer no. 1, Vranje The local...opširnije

  • Jovana Stevanovic tanjir 1

    Jovana Stevanović

  • Gorana Tasic Djacke knjizice

    Gordana Tatić
    School grade book (primary and secondary)

  • KragujevacLonceCproizvodCipiripiiCkesaambalaza

    Peđa Gnjatić
    "C products - Cipiripi" pot and C bag

  • Tijana Trkulja Benzin i ruza 1

    Tijana Trkulja

  • KraljevoVideokaseta

    Dragan Jurošević

  • PozegaKaseteII

    Srđan Stevanović