Museum of Objects – Remembering the 1990s through Memories of Citizens of Serbia.

The Museum of Objects was created as an initiative to collect, preserve and display personal memories of the citizens of Serbia about the 1990s period, when the state was dominated the regime of Slobodan Milosevic. Objects, images, audio and video files, photographs, statements, documents and other traces of the past, donated by citizens, form the basis of the museum collection.

The inspiration for this museum comes from the need to develop better insight and understanding of our recent history through the individual testimonies, stories of everyday life and the personal experiences of people whose life was shaped by the political events of the 1990s. Wars, inflation, sanctions, protests and riots were part of the daily life of millions of people in Serbia during the decade. Today, more than ten years after the democratic changes in this country, the 1990s period is still insufficiently addressed as an important period in the historical development of Serbian society, both at the state and on a personal level.

With this in mind, the museum aims to open a new platform, through the direct participation of citizens in its construction, which provides access to unique personal material relevant to understanding this period from a completely new angle.